About Femantraa

About Femantraa

Femantraa is short for female + mantraa and mantraa is "we rise by lifting others".

"She was never meant to be a common creature - extraordinary takes time".

A passionate venture by Breast cancer survivor Rakhi Bhatnagar who believes all bodies are perfect and femininity need not feed the male gaze hence the notion of PERFECT bodies is a myth. Dismantling patriarchal notions of ageism, calling out men for their entitlement; connecting women to their greatness with creative sustainable styling tips full of Body positivity Inspiration, fostering a community of 30K+ women on Instagram; are but a few things that define Rakhi Bhatnagar's social media presence. She has amassed more than a million views on her reels and has been featured several times in major digital publications (Womenweb, Being woman).

Not here to merely sell,

Here to inspire & change lives,

Not by perfection but by showing how to deal with what you may think are imperfections.

Our Mission 

Wear clothes that matter. 

Femantraa is committed to provide sustainable ready to wear handmade clothes, accessories for women and home decor which is sourced from the rural women artisans of India with a distinct story of bravery to tell.  

We aim to become a powerful means to empower and support these extraordinary and courageous women to lead a life of dignity and on their own terms. 


Our Vision 

"In our celebration of diversity and inclusivity, we extend a warm welcome to all cultures and communities to revel in the beauty of our artistic and sustainable Indian handicrafts. We take pride in the unique and labor-intensive handicraft techniques that define our creations, aspiring to share them with diverse communities.  

The high sustainability embedded in these artistic marvels aligns with the pressing need of the hour, making them not just beautiful but environmentally conscious.  

We aim to provide 

  • Unique 
  • Handmade 
  • Comfortable  
  • Ethical Quality 
  • Affordable 
  • Sustainable 
  • Versatile 

clothing, accessories and home decor to women from women artisans in India.  

We are committed to encouraging sustainable practices, emphasizing the versatility of clothing to be worn in various styles, aiming ultimately to minimize waste. Our dedication to environmental stewardship guides our efforts. 

To inspire and empower women who have chosen to be the heroines of their own lives, not succumbing to the role of a victim. 

We stand with all those brave women who chose to break generational trauma, are fearless in their pursuits, and unabashedly proud of their scars and struggles. They fell, but they didn’t break. They rose and emerged stronger than before. 

Our Purpose 

Unlearn " look good, I feel good", 

When you FEEL good, that’s when you look your best! 

Don't let your mind BULLY your body. Style has no size, nor is it dependent on body shape or parts. It's not WHAT size, type, color, etc. you wear. It's HOW confidently you wear it. Not ashamed, but proud of your own body and owning it. 

We intend to spread awareness regarding body positivity among women and encourage them to feel confident and empowered in whatever they wear. We also want to promote sustainable ways of wearing the same clothes in different styles. 

Women are not meant to conform to society's narrow and unrealistic standards of beauty perpetuated by the male gaze or exploited by brands. These brands often endorse toxic ideals, fostering a damaging comparison of our bodies to an unattainable 'perfect body image.' It's time to challenge and redefine these harmful narratives, embracing the uniqueness and authenticity of every individual. 

Beauty transcends body parts or size; there is no truer representation of beauty than embracing your authentic self without fear. True beauty lies in the confidence and authenticity of being unapologetically you. 

I am not beautiful like you ... 

I am beautiful like me. 

Perfection is a myth but.... 

Not if you see yourself as perfect! 

Why shop at Femantraa? (Value we bring beyond $$)

Each time you buy a piece from us, know that you encouraged an "Extraordinary woman"...to continue to pursue their dreams ... you are purchasing hope and encouragement weaved in our pieces that is priceless.

"Neither fire, nor moisture, nor wind can destroy the blessing of a good deed, and it will reform the world". Buddha