Mashru Silk

Mashru Silk: A Symphony of Tradition and Elegance

What is Mashru? 

Mashru, a meticulously woven fabric, is celebrated for its distinctive blend of silk and cotton fibers. This unique combination results in a textile where silk graces the fabric's surface, while cotton embraces the reverse side. The outcome is a luxuriously soft and comfortable texture, perfect for garments worn close to the skin. 

Traditionally employed in the creation of skirts, jackets, waistcoats, blouses, and lehengas, Mashru silk boasts versatility in fashion. What sets it apart is its popularity, particularly during the winter months. The solid hues of Mashru silk captivate with their allure and opulence, offering a touch of luxury that seamlessly aligns with easy maintenance. 

The heart of Mashru silk production lies in the regions of Patan and Mandvi, nestled in the culturally rich state of Gujarat. Here, skilled artisans weave their magic, crafting this exquisite fabric that has stood the test of time. Immerse yourself in the allure of Mashru silk, where the fusion of silk and cotton threads transforms into a textile masterpiece.